Dublin 2010

Dublin 2010

Postby urbanisto » Thu Dec 30, 2010 11:18 pm

Well the days of ticking off big ticket developments in the city are gone for the moment but its worthwhile none the less looking back at the big changes in the city in 2010, and perhaps what we can expect in 2011.

Some of the big arrivals of 2010:

1. Recession - surely the biggest thing to hit the city! The dramatic effects of the downturn in investment can be seen everywhere. Vacancies rising, properties declining, undeveloped sights with the hoardings of now bust developers.

2. Convention Centre Dublin - at long last! I'm not too taken by the architecture although the views from the upper floors are spectacular! The centre will surely be a major new economic addition to the city.

3. Terminal 2 - flights on time.... The perfect white elephant for the post celtic tiger city. It looks great though.

4. Lansdowne Road - a stadium with the wow-factor

5. A new City Development Plan - there are at least some signs that the lights are on in the Civic Offices. The plan at least provides some ideas and direction for the city over the next few years.

6. The Long Hub and Biotech Building - TCD at least keeping the home fires burning. The Science Gallery is a great addition to the city as well.

7. Love the City, Open House, Culture Night - ideas and engagement alive and well.

8. dublinbikes - over a year old and set to be expanded.

And some things to look forward to in 2011

1. The Public Realm Strategy - at last a bit of vision for this vital element of the city. A plan for the south retail area and Grafton Street is also expected to be published (if not to start)

2. Wayfinder signage - someday...soon....those empty have only been around for 6 months or so! A cull of brown finger posts and empty poles awaits.

3. Smithfield Square - the public realm final gets finished, the former Park Hotel looks set to reopen and there are signs of some imaginative uses being proposed for the empty units of Smithfield Market.

4. The City Cycle Route - went out to public consultation early in 2010, talked up by Noel Dempsey, hopefully to start appearing in 2011.

5. A lick of paint! - we cant do much about the lack of major developments but the city could look a whole lot better with a concerted effort to sprucen up shopfronts and buildings over the next few months. With Failte Ireland talking of a decline in visitor numbers its more important that ever that the city puts its best foot forward to continue as a tourist destination.
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