buidling survey

buidling survey

Postby mickmick » Mon Feb 01, 2010 1:26 pm

Apologies if I shouldn't be posting this here but I wonder could someone tell me what I'd expect to pay for a building survey on an approx 20/30 year old semi-d (130 sq m.) in Dublin. I see some firms offer a 'preliminary survey report'. Should I get this seeing as the house is relatively new and it's cheaper? Or is it a false economy. Also if someone could recommend a good surveyor in the South Dublin region I would be grateful.
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Re: buidling survey

Postby onq » Wed Mar 24, 2010 11:22 pm

Hi Mickmick,

Didn't see this post so I may be too late to offer anything.

If this is in the matter of compliance issues prior to purchase, then an experienced inspecting architect will be your best bet.

If there are structural issues he will draw your attention to them and may be able to suggest an engineer will undertakes domestic surveys.

An architect with some years of experience undertaking such surveys will be in a position to comment in relation to any extensions carried out during the life of the building and their compliance or otherwise with the planning and building regulations - such extensions can sometimes lead to unforeseen problems in terms of your enjoyment of the property and if enforcement action is undertaken by the local authority, it could be very expensive.

Structural Surveys may not deal with many other issues that can arise, such as the decorative order of the premises, the compliance of the attic conversion of down lighter installation with the building regulations etc.

The price should range from 400 - 1,000 Euro depending on the complexity, the issues discovered and any backup researches for planning and building regulations etc.

Make sure there is a BER cert offered with any house for sale or let.

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