Daft Question - don't laugh...

Daft Question - don't laugh...

Postby John W » Thu Jul 01, 1999 10:20 am

Er, d'you know the quadrant shapeddownward sloping components at around the bottom of the Customs House? They look like seats or some sort of pediment for carrying water away from the bottom inner corners of the buildng.

What are they for?

I can't imagine they're for the latter purpose as they appear on the small bridges in Venice - like on near the 'Salute' church.

These are probably as basic a part of architectural terminology as astragals and torus's etc but then I'm a layman.

Thanks - john
John W

Postby PLK » Tue Jul 27, 1999 7:22 pm

I believr they were designed to stop people pissing into the corners - i.e. splashes on trousers etc.

Postby johnn white » Wed Jul 28, 1999 1:40 pm

Is that right? My God that's amazing.
What a great invention! I won't sit against
one of those again in a hurry.

johnn white

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