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Postby GrahamH » Mon Feb 10, 2014 10:48 pm

Yes of course it's positive Stephen! That's why it's frustrating when the considerable incentives garnered in recent times, including the DOE's guidelines for waiving development levies on a national basis, are misrepresented, while a frivolous, 'buyer beware' red herring upsets the entire apple cart.

Likewise, if the correct specialists were interviewed, the features of period properties - not least the pair on St. Stephen's Green - would be highlighted as unique and distinguished selling points, rather than as yet more red tape to struggle through.

We have such an immature real estate industry in this country. They just don't get it - the agents, the developers or the commentators. Is it any wonder the poor householder is at sea. All these guys are so behind the curve it's embarrassing at this stage.
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