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I am posting about the pictures of Linenhall Parade first put up in 2009. I only recently came across these on Google. The reason I am posting is because the woman at the front door of number 3 is my mother! I was also born and reared in that house. Some really interesting information from the various posts but I will try to add some new information. The square of houses comprising Linenhall Parade, Terrace, Lisburn Street and Coleraine Street were originally a Linenhall (where linen was sold). The Superintendent's house still stands on Coleraine Street (Coleraine House). The Linenhall was taken over by the British Army and used as a barracks until it was burned down in 1916. It was really only an administrative barracks and appears to have unused by 1916. A man once approached my Grandmother in the garden and said he had taken the Kings Schilling at our house so we presume the Guard House must have been where our house was. According to my mother the industrial building to the right of the photo was a boarding school was Protestant Children and she remembered hearing children crying when he was growing up in the late 20's, early 30's. I would be very interested in anybody knows about this. Once last point, the steel windows all warped and my memories are of sticking newspapers in the gaps and scraping ice of the insides in winter. Good riddance!
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