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Postby reddy » Wed May 07, 2008 9:47 am

Article in todays Clare People

Bridging the gap in Ennis town

Written by Gordon Deegan

ENNIS is to get a new bridge across the River Fergus as part of a major development by a Galway company which has just got the go-ahead from Ennis Town Council.
Briarlane Development secured planning permission for a major extension to the Abbey Hostel near the existing Club Bridge. The company is proposing the construction of a footbridge across the River Fergus to link the development to the Abbey Street car-park.

As part of a four-floor structure, the developers plan a 120-bunk bed extension to the existing hostel building. The development is to also include a restaurant, an internet café and a wine bar with all ancillary services.
The extended hostel is expected to fill a gap in the local tourist market where, currently, there are no hostel spaces for independent tourists.

The Briarlane project faced no local opposition and the company was able to satisfy concerns that the Department of the Environment expressed over otters in the River Fergus.
The granting of planning permission five years after the company first sought to develop the strategic site adjacent to the River Fergus follows a decision by An Bord Pleanála last year to refuse planning for a project that promised to transform the Ennis skyline as part of a €25 million riverside development.
Early last year, Ennis Town Council gave the go-ahead for the ambitious project in spite of warnings from Clare’s Conservation Officer that the plan had the potential to do “irreparable damage to a very attractive and uniquely ancient county town”.

The council chose to ignore Conservation Officer Risteard UaCronin’s warning that “the design of the proposed development is neither contemporary nor innovative and reflects large city suburban developments of the 1970s and 1980s, many of which are presently being demolished”.
But his stance was endorsed last September by the appeals board which ruled that the proposal would seriously injure the visual amenities of the area and the character of the architectural heritage area.
The development involved a six-storey building opposite the Abbey Street car-park arranged around a central podium and included a plan to develop a 30-bedroom hotel, 58 apartments and a pedestrian bridge across the River Fergus.

The board also ruled that one of the apartment blocks would provide poor quality accommodation and seriously injure the residential amenities of future occupants and of property in the vicinity.

Copyright The Clare People, Wed 7 May 2008

Seems like a decent development. The bridge will open up that side of the river to future development. Hopefully of better quality than
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Re: Ennis Development

Postby reddy » Mon Sep 01, 2008 2:30 pm

The draft Ennis and Environs development plan is on the web:


After a very quick scan of it, its looking like a decent plan, certainly more urban design orientated than its predecessor. :)

Submissions and observations relating to the draft Plan are invited until 3 October 2008.

Not sure if many here are familiar with the town but if anyone has any comments or ideas it would be interesting to see them posted and I'd encourage you to submit them.

From experience I know these submissions can be revelations to the design teams as they sometimes can't see the wood for the trees!
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Re: Ennis developments and built environment

Postby reddy » Tue Oct 14, 2008 10:25 am

Seems to be significant oppositon to the proposed redevelopment of Cusack Park in Ennis...

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Re: Ennis developments and built environment

Postby CologneMike » Thu Apr 15, 2010 12:40 pm

Council to slow development in 'overzoned' Ennis area (Irish Times)


DEVELOPERS IN the greater Ennis area are facing further writedowns in the value of land banks following Clare County Council’s move to “freeze” large tracts from development around the town.

The council’s move is in response to concerns expressed by the Department of the Environment about overzoning in the Ennis and environs development plan, adopted last year.

The department has pointed out to the council that there are 4,500 acres of zoned land around Ennis that would cater for a population increase of 100,000.

The Ennis area has a population of 28,700; official forecasts state that there will be a population increase of only 6,300 to 2020.

In a proposal put to the department and now agreed by members of Clare County Council and Ennis Town Council, the county council is proposing to phase development on lands zoned residential for development.

The council has agreed to overhaul its development plan after the department warned that if it did not address the overzoning, Minister for the Environment John Gormley would be forced to direct the council to make the necessary changes to the adopted plan with immediate effect.

Documentation and maps circulated to councillors show that the council has decided to phase the development of housing into three phases, rather than dezone sites from residential to “open countryside”.

According to the proposal, Clare County Council will allow the development of lands contained in phase two following 75 per cent of lands in phase one being developed for residential housing.

The council states that phase three will only be developed following 75 per cent of phase one and phase two being developed for residential purposes.

The house market is stagnant in Ennis, however developers with land in phases two and three may not be able to develop for a number of years as they wait for housing applications to proceed in phase one.

The phasing has emerged from a series of behind-closed-doors meetings of the councillors where the detail of the plan was worked out.

The maps outline the areas at various locations around Ennis and in some instances, phase-one and phase-two designations are located adjacent each other.

The council does not supply a rationale as to why some sites are outlined in designated phase one and others phase two.

A large site at Woodstock on the western outskirts of Ennis is isolated in the open countryside, but will be developed in the first phase.

Clare County Council is to publish the plans so as to invite submissions on its proposal from the department and the public before the issue goes back to the councillors.

Has anybody maps depicting plans to expand Ennis?

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Re: Ennis developments and built environment

Postby reddy » Thu Apr 15, 2010 12:47 pm

Those figures are absolutely shocking. Land zoned to house 100,000!

This is not the planners fault - Ennis is a prime case of exposing the ridiculous state of our planning system - When decision time comes to make the development plan, councilors have consistently amended the plans to included massive zonings not considered by the planners / consultants. The site mentioned above at Woodstock is a prime example.

Celtic Tiger buffoonery at its very worst.
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