Monuments, monuments, monuments

Monuments, monuments, monuments

Postby Owen » Sun Mar 07, 1999 3:47 pm

Of the three finalists in the O'Connell monument competition I think the glass column by Jonathan Bennett was by far the best answer to the brief. The play on the absence of Nelson and its being a negative monument was clever and subtle (in so far as any giant column in the middle of a street can be subtle).

The thing I find bizarre about this whole episode is the way Dublin Corporation found it necessary to have a 'monument' at all. They didn't even know what they wanted to celebrate, as shown by the fact that the competitors not only had to design a form, but they also had to come up with something to celebrate with the form - in the case of the winners a celebration of the Irish Diaspora.

I would have thought that monuments usually were built when there was an overwhelming need to comemorate something, this need taking shape in the form of a built monument. It seems sort of strange that this is reversed, and Irish people are casting about for something to celebrate.

Postby Ivg » Sun Mar 07, 1999 3:47 pm

absolutely, and the comment that the absent pillar one wasn't chosen because 'young people might find it difficult to relate to it was crass and patronising.

Postby mg » Sun Mar 07, 1999 3:47 pm

.... as every old person knows - "all young people are on drugs!" so the needle will make a connection with them

Postby Paul Clerkin » Tue Mar 09, 1999 9:28 am

I tend to agree with you Owen. The glass obelisk was definitely the most interesting design but to my mind posed some interesting questions: wear; cleaning; its huge weight.

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Postby owen » Thu Mar 11, 1999 4:34 pm

Details! Details!
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Postby JP » Mon Mar 15, 1999 12:49 am

Did anybody find the comments of the judges very elitist? First, I don't think I would have the opportunity to fly anywhere near the city centre and secondly, there is no flight path over the city centre. It is statements like this that alienates architects / designers whatever from the public.

Postby BTH » Mon Mar 15, 1999 2:30 pm

I think that this was a fantastic idea, more creative and imaginitive than the needle. However, the old Pillar was an absolute monstrosity, stumpy and much too wide at the base to be elegant. this scheme added even more width, and looked badly out of proportion, especially in the perspective sketches. As such, I believe that the needle is a stunningly elegant proposal, beautiful in it's simplicity. I can't wait to see it finished.
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Postby Celfi » Mon Mar 15, 1999 4:01 pm

Here's some vintage footage of the previous monument on this site:
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Postby Paul Clerkin » Mon Mar 15, 1999 4:25 pm

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Postby Sam » Sat May 15, 1999 4:50 pm

The third placed entry is really quite interesting - much more so than the second placed entry which would appear very dated very quickly (a fate which may also befall the winner).

Postby James McQuillan » Mon Jun 28, 1999 7:05 pm

I suppose that it is unnecessaaty to remind Dubliners that the Needle could be considered as a Testimonial rather than a Monument, on the lines of Wellington's Testimonial in the Park. Anyway the word Monument means 'to remember' and usually of the dead, but the replacement of the word 'Monument' by 'Testimonial' could refer to the living Diaspora, just as the Wellington one did - built in the lifetime of the Duke.

Then Dublin could have two Testimonials! Let's celebrate our living relatives rather than the dead ones.
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Postby Rory W » Wed Jun 30, 1999 2:49 pm

When is it going to be built, as there is no sign of action on site.
Anyway with a sex shop opening next door this giant phallic object will make a great advert for it.
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