Looking for an Architect in Cork

Looking for an Architect in Cork

Postby SharonH » Mon Jul 31, 2006 9:20 pm

We are hoping to do an extension to our house which is a bog standard kind of T shaped bungalow.
We would love something different and energy effecient etc.

Our budget for the extension is between 80 and 110k

Does anyone know any reputable firms that take on small jobs like this in Cork?
Any ideas, info or inspiration is very welcome!!!!

Cheers from
Sharon & Tim
(Crosshaven direction, Cork)
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Re: Looking for an Architect in Cork

Postby ShaneP » Mon Jul 31, 2006 10:50 pm

Cork County Council produced a great book, a couple of years ago - dealing with design for one off houses. Sorry I don't have the name to hand - It was something like "Guidelines for rural housing in County Cork". It had lots of examples of interesting projects and all the architects were credited at the back of the book, so you might find someone there. I'd recommend it to any one thinking about a project like yours as it wil raise your awareness of so many issues affecting the deign of your project, and the more information you can give your architect, the better. It cost about 20 euro and should be available in decent bookshops. If not the RIAI or County Council will know where you can get a copy. Best of luck.
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