got a fuuny feeling

got a fuuny feeling

Postby alan d » Fri Mar 26, 2004 6:31 pm

Scotland might do well if the whole Irish team come down with food poisoning......... Sent over a box of Haggis, just to make sure. Keep it quiet

Good luck lads
alan d
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Postby shaun » Fri Mar 26, 2004 9:44 pm

Well done to your SPL representatives on Wed. night, turning over the mighty Barcalona, what'll the score be on Sunday ?
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Postby GrahamH » Fri Mar 26, 2004 11:20 pm

Your lot have taken over the city Alan - my eyes still haven't readjusted from the acres of tartan and Carrolls Irish Tat hats!
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Postby PaulC » Sat Mar 27, 2004 12:10 am

One of the great occasions on the Dublin calendar - when the Scots come over for the Six Nations clash.
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