Looking for a Building

Looking for a Building

Postby Buck » Fri Feb 27, 2004 12:18 am

Does anyone know the name of this building? The Architect? Anything about it?


I know its in Smithfield and its relatively new (past few years).

Photo from http://www.fantasyjackpalance.com
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Postby Paul Clerkin » Fri Feb 27, 2004 10:22 am

Its a serious pile of shit, that's what it is.
Pardon my bluntness, but I hate that building and I see it every day.
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Paul Clerkin
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Postby JJ » Fri Feb 27, 2004 11:58 am

I agree,
I think it's very bland and looks dated somehow. The Architects were Brian O'Halloran associates. You can't see it in the photo but theres a small statue of an Eagle on the roof line. Dull dull dull.
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Postby PVC King » Fri Feb 27, 2004 12:39 pm

I think it is worth pointing out that the photo displays the building from its most flattering angle of view.

From the man who brought you O'Connell Bridge house it is little surprise. The occupier being the divorce courts reflects its embedded quality level.
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