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Ever think architects talk a load of rubbish?

Well now is your chance to measure yourself up with them! This is an open call to HOME owners and all budding designers to submit material which they think a HOME is or should be.

HOME is an exhibition to be run by the AAI, The Architectural Association of Ireland, in late March to compare what people think a HOME should be. The HOME is central to everyday life and the aim is to show examples of what is possible to do with a HOME. Together with the exhibition there will be an open discussion to initiate a debate amongst a greater audience.

Annually, the AAI runs a series of lectures where both Foreign and Irish Architects discuss their work. In conjunction with these events, they are asked to submit a HOME of their design or choosing which will be exhibited. The theme of HOME will run throughout the AAI programme up until June 2005.

Architects and non architects are asked to submit what they think a HOME is by Monday 8th of March 2004 no later than 12.00pm to “HOME”, AAI, 8 Merrion Square, Dublin 2. A curator will select works from all submissions which will be displayed together in one space.

 The material is not limited to a specific format (e.g., a drawing, photograph, model, an object, etc…). All paper submissions are limited to a maximum size of A2 (420mm x 594mm).
 Text would be useful to explain the submission. This should be included on the paper submission or as a separate sheet if not submitting material on paper no more than 1 side of an A4 (210mm x 297mm) page.
 Please note that all material submitted will not be returned.
 Submissions may be anonymous.
 AAI reserves the right to the editorial use of all materials supplied by submitters.

The AAI was founded in 1896 ‘to promote and afford facilities for the study of architecture and the allied sciences and arts and to provide a medium of friendly communication between members and others interested in the progress of architecture’.
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does anyone else think this is a derrative of the ideal homes?
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