Burdock's chipper in Epicurean Foodhall

Burdock's chipper in Epicurean Foodhall

Postby Devin » Sun Dec 21, 2003 1:07 am

The Epicurean Foodhall has just been taken down about ten rungs on the ladder of sophistication by the opening of Burdock's chipper, right out at the front on Liffey Street.

They've ruined the tasteful grey shopfront that was there with their nasty green illuminated signage complete with paddywhackery flags.

Doesn't the Foodhall have any control over who takes outlets? I know it must stay in business, but fake traditional chips (different people run Burdock's now, using the name) do not constitute gourmet food.

The northside desperately needs to hold onto sophisticated malls like this. I know the Epicurean has had problems with outlet use since the beginning, but could this be the knockout blow for it?
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Postby PVC King » Sun Dec 21, 2003 3:28 pm

There should be something in regard to user clauses in the lease. It is standard in all well run shopping centres to try to acheive the desired mix. I am sure that the tenants will argue the point at thier next rent reviews.

I must admit I like Burdocks after a couple of beers but a serious letting own goal to the owners of the entire.
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