"Workplace accidents responsibility of architect" says HSA

"Workplace accidents responsibility of architect" says HSA

Postby Andrew Duffy » Fri Nov 28, 2003 11:09 am


Report shows workplace accidents can often be responsibility of architect

15:41 Thursday November 27th 2003

The Health and Safety Authority says architects and designers can often be responsible for workplace accidents. A study published today reveals that a high proportion of design engineers has a poor understanding of their obligations under Health and Safety law. The Authority says lives have been lost as a result of poor design in the workplace. Senior Health and Safety inspector Jim Heffernan says its up to designers to know their obligations.
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Postby d_d_dallas » Wed Dec 03, 2003 4:09 pm

They're actually quite accurate in that statement if you literally translate the regulations. EU Health and Saftey laws and hence our own split H+S into Design stage and Construction stage - the architect wouldbe responsible under legislation as the PSDS - project supervisor design stage, while the builder would be the PSCS - construction stage. The PSDS has to design to minimise or remove all risks/hazards identified in the preliminary health and safety plan (which the PSDS is also responsible for preparing).
In most cases the builder probably acts as the PSDS too - merely taking the architects schematics as the basis for preparing the preliminary HS plan - but it'll only take one prosecution of an Architect by the HSA to change all that. Fear the HSA for they are the most powerful entity in Ireland today!
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