Is it just me, or was the 20C just a very

Is it just me, or was the 20C just a very

Postby garethace » Wed Nov 19, 2003 7:30 pm

lousy time to actually be an Architect?

As the 20 Century progressed more and more of the intelligent people on this planet became very intoxicated with 20th Century types of things: Science, technology, communications, travel over long distances at greater speeds, Microbiological study and understanding the planet in general at many different scales. I used to sigh in disbelieve at how little of that genious and innovation saw its way into a classical science such as Architecture. Or perhaps had to be hired out to specialists and all kinds of fabulous engineering heads! But now i tend to regard what is left of that old shell of a once great profession with more admiration, at its ability to sustain in times when all its hopes seemed lost. In short, to behave like a kind of highly defensive oriented protected fortress around which normal life 'just got along' at its increasing pace.

I listened to Sean talk about the 'seriously dodgy architecture' going on in the nineteen eighties. But then I think about how aviation design and technology had reached its peak by that stage, with Concorde flying super sonic across the Atlantic. How that great age of technology seems to be behind us. Perhaps the Architectural profession might see some more of the young brains it badly needs return to the ranks? What do people think about this? I mean has technology and the 20th Century race to improve to dizzy heights in technology peaked?

How will changing times, ideals and aspirations in this new century affect what is indeed a very, very, very long and established profession like Architecture? Has this been discussed in any detail elsewhere?

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