The kop van zuid....suitable??

The kop van zuid....suitable??

Postby Piarie » Thu Oct 23, 2003 12:03 pm

Hello everybody.....

I recently posted a message on building
rejuvenation, asking whether there was a project similar to the one that was undertaken in Dublins Temple bar a couple of years ago ongoing in Europe at the moment.

After some research, I found that such a project does not exist. Thanks to a reply from a senior member of archiseek, who suggested 'The Kop van zuid' in Rotterdam which is being developed/regenerated from docklands to an area that will accomadate an international environment of housing, offices, shops and recreational activities, I've decided to....I mean, well i've been forced to abandon the Temple bar idea, and have decided to pursue this Kop van zuid one.

From the websites that I have visited, It looks to be very ambitious and interesting. My question is could a project on the Kop van zuid regenaration program fall under the project title 'Building regeneration: Harmonising with the existing urban fabric', as I am very pleased with title, and would like to keep it. Thanks for your patience.
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Postby what? » Fri Oct 24, 2003 12:04 pm

hi again piarie,

i dont think the kop van zuid would enter under the heading harmonising with the existing urban fabric. it is more of a new development in itself than an intervention into an existing fabric. this could be dangerous territory to be trying to fit a project to a title you like (although both the subject and title are both v interesting in their own right)

there are lots of examples of individual buildings fitting into an existing historical urban environmet(ones i mentioned before , raphael moneos town hall also a nice one) but i cant think of a whole area like temple bar. im sure there are some, and someone else on this site will probably be able to rememeber some.

good luck with your search
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