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Foul Language

Postby MOL » Sat Oct 18, 2003 4:11 pm

Is all this foul mouthed language being used generally on this site really necessary?

I understand of course that sometimes people become downright passionate about certain issues and this disscussion forum allows for an expression of such feelings.

However I feel that such colourful language only serves to diminish the seriousness of this important service and in no way aids in a clearer understanding of what people wish to say, particularly for foreign offices.

Architects in general have difficulties being heard and I believe especially Irish ones who are not usually noticed elsewhere. Archeire provides an opportunity for the Irish architect to have a global voice. A voice that should be intelligible and clear.
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Postby DogsonFire-2 » Thu Oct 23, 2003 6:56 pm

I just love this passion that is being aired here!..............maybe this is the best result of the competition................DEBATE.............and..DISCOURSE! The owners of this site should publish the whole set of communications and illustrations/Images as some sort of up-beat “Honeywell Diaries” ( anyone remember that one?)....make a fortune.....hey! and that was my idea so I expect a cut on the royalties chaps!

But sadly that is the only good thing ..............the rest is just like bottled Guinness....sounds and looks good.........but when you drink it............nothing like the real thing!

As for Internationalism and Nationalism................. wake up chaps, you've missed the war..........let's get it on collectively and wear sandals and dufflecoats. It not about any of this.............It about EGO................the one things that drives the Architect.....there is of course a difference of presentation of the ID...........some call it arrogance others's just a question of how much sense of humour and confidence you include.

It's just a shame there was really no supernatural sparks from this event................just a rather damp fart.
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DE:BATER (from the structure supporting the sails crows nest of a pirate ship)

Postby pepe » Fri Oct 24, 2003 10:25 am


Publishing is a good idea:
Its difficult for people to see the whole story (get the whole picture on these boards)
So many threads, so many posts etc etc

But its already been done in some way, so its not "your idea"

The problem with the debate is that its only (apparently) happening here! And only between a few (interested) individuals.

This should be being debated in a court of law with the RAIA, RIBA and the DDDA (Jury members and all involved) present as witnesses.

The book you speak of would then have the authority of a judicial process, A court report. With el architinos drawings as evidence!

I am all for wearing sandals, or slippers. As long as they allow me to run fast from the police, when they turn on me!

or havent you seen the news recently.

many peoples are still living under the occupation of foreign forces.

Many individuals are still detained in Cuba awaiting a "fair trial"

and as bono has said many times over and over again on the stereos of the world and in live concerts all over the planet.

S(he) moves in mysterious ways.

But dont hold your breath for him/her to take action over the competition.

After all it is an insignificant injustice compared to many other things that are happening in this world.

But I am sure that those responsible will be held to account for their actions.

Whether its by a higher power or simply by their own consciences!

The humour is a great acheivement.

you either have to laugh or cry.

And humour is at its bestwhen it adresses poignant (if not important issues)


who gives a flying duck?

too much analysis

This should be about collective conscicousness and ethicl practice.

Aint no room for any ego's here. Esp with "the fly" and mr fog kicking around!

and for MOL:

Wheres the foul language?
I didnt see that much, but maybe thats because i am blind to it after being subjected to 25 years of television.

Certainly blasphemous and crude phrasing suggests an inability to express oneself accurately.

but sometimes there is no subsititutable phrase that even approaches the variety of meanings that a four letter word can contain

**** the *****

insert your own!

have a good friday (agreement?)
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Postby DogsonFire-2 » Fri Oct 24, 2003 1:10 pm

"Yes! we have no bananas!"

You know it was the Romans who first brought that fabulous "F" word to middle and Northern Europe............along with straight roads and central heating. Nothing much has really changed since then; still have the "F" word, a desire for immediate transport and unhealthy disregard for the environment. Remember Nero and his harp and burnt bits-and-pieces. Seems strangely familiar here also! The Main Man just needs to gain some weight!

I agree whole-heartedly that the tragedy of the world surpasses that of this is sorry affair. Who really cares if it’s a harp , a dog biscuit , a penis or all three. It’ll become history and all will forget. The Taj Mahal was built in this manner, with the reigning Taj commenting on completion that he’d now idea why they had built it. The Eiffel tower ( read-Roland Barthes) was attacked as being “ugly” and “useless” when it was announced it was to stay in Paris for ever.

But. what of the ID, the-they and existentialism…………. Hey it’s not to say that it matters, it simply a fact that it exits and it prevalent in most architects. It’s that Freudian thing………….it’s simply part of the psyche……….nothing more nothing less, and therefore conditions how, for example, an architect behaves.

OK, seminar over chaps, let’s get back to the drink
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