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Postby pepe » Fri Oct 10, 2003 12:13 pm

The camera never lies.

I assure you that this is an original photograph with no manipulation of any kind.

It was taken with my trust Kodak Brownie (Which you cannot to my knoweldge get colour film for) on 9th of October 2003 at approximately 1am.

Any lack of picture quality "funny focus" is entirely due to the conditions whilst taking the photograph.

AS you may be able to tell from perspective/viewpoint I am standing above the crowd on a 6ft high wall. I was physically removed by the "garda" who have it seems been tipped off as to my identity and spent the night in a cell. Having been released (with no charges) this morning I went straight to my darkroom and processed the film myself. I have the original negatives infront of me, but as you will appreciate I will not be able to offer any other proof of the authenticity of this (and the other images), unless you want to meet up. But at this point i would warn you that this could be extremely dangerous.

There are alot of people who are not happy about the level of outcry regarding these matters.

I am leaving Dublin for the weekend in the hope that things will cool down a bit.

I will be travelling my jamaican passport and am heading for warmer climes.

I do not understand what you are talking about "april" for and i suggest you visit your psychiatrist or optician to deal with some unresolved issues.

If anyone knows of a good lawyer I would like to make a complaint regarding my wrongful arrest. No records were logged by any of the police involved in my capture but I had a single shot of film left the resulting picture of me inside a cell can be used as evidence.
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Postby el architino » Fri Oct 10, 2003 1:03 pm

EL ARCHITINO once spent the night in a jail cell also, what was his crime i hear you ask?

"intent to mass bugger"

EL ARCHITINO was dumbfounded by these allegations and protested that he was merely teaching all those guys a lesson that they would never forget. nevertheless the filthy police had the brazen faced cheek to throw a demi-god of EL ARCHITINO's prowess into a stinking cell full of degenerants and itinerants. they stripped him of his gold suit and left him naked apart from his channel white suede 3-piece suit and his crocodile shoes.
but EL ARCHITINO was wise to this game. he had seen prison movies before and wasnt going to be anyones "bitch". so EL ARCHITINO buggered them all senseless, and got some nasty desieses in the process.

so the moral of the storey is, always carry small automatic weapons and/or high explosives on your person in case you see a policeman/woman.

EL ARCHITINO will send his formidable legal team to the high court this evening to demand the disbandment of the gardai with immediate effect, on your behalf pepe.

if EL ARCHITINO's demands are not met he will be forced to accept an out of court settlement of 1.6 trillion euro.
el architino
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Postby b.ray » Fri Oct 10, 2003 3:33 pm

thank you very much! I can see that the event would have been worth the airfare......maybe next time.

that el architino is a very elusive maestro, even with radiant toenails.
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Postby el architino » Fri Oct 10, 2003 4:30 pm

EL ARCHITINO is happy that this "peaceful protest" has had an impact and that the quality of life of those in charge of the DDDA may be significantly lowered for some time.

however if we are to really make our feelings known to the DDDA we must proceed with a campaign of unimaginable violence on a scale not experienced since WW2.
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Postby pepe » Fri Oct 10, 2003 10:48 pm

we got a "way off topic" rating. (Thanks Paul) do we get a gold star if we get the thread back on topic.
Anyway I will try my best.

Violence of any kind is not the answer, And this is exemplified by pepe's attitude towards the peaceful protest. Save for his own arrest there were no other problems at the demonstration. In fact whilst the nature of teh protest is a serious one. A good deal of fun was had by all. Free wine flowed like the liffey and ben elton cracked some good jokes.
The demonstration lasted well into the night. Although pepe was unable to witness it as he was in his cell. which was actually quite comfortable (and safe) all things considered.

El architino should be reminded of the numerous atrocities that have occured since world war 2. And that whilst world war two succeeded in the defeat of an evil man and his troops. Many young men (and women) gave their lives to acheive this and their commitments should not be taken lightly or in vain.

Pepe does not advocate any form of physical violence, even "in self defense" there are always alternative options and even as a last resort one should employ techniques learned through monty pythons flying circus before even laying a finger on a single hair.
The Knights who say nee conquered huge swathes of europe without raising a single blade. And this demonstrates the power of persuasion and pyschological warfare. Their unfortunate name change to the Knights of echiechiechifetang whilst increasing their syllable count actually forms the basis for their disbandment, with many mis pronunciations leading to confusion and splinter.

Their simple demands for shrubberies and Rockeries were often met with jeers. But these are things which actively improve the quality of life for people in the local area.

BAck to the Topic.

No statement from the DDDA it seems?

Continue Downloading.
Continue Demonstrating

We do not expect that the "original" winner will be reinstated.

But we do believe there should be a full and open enquiry into the issues at hand.

The main problem here is the deiberate with-holding of information.

Let it be free.

Pass the doobie.
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only 785 copies left!

Postby pepe » Fri Oct 24, 2003 10:59 am

only 785 copies left!
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