Did 3w Win The Twin Towers Competition?

Did 3w Win The Twin Towers Competition?

Postby el architino » Mon Oct 06, 2003 11:23 am

after two years of investigation by EL ARCHITINO's detective company, it has been revealed that 3W were in fact the real winners of the twin towers competition.
" after the port authority lost 22,000 entries to the competition they chose daniel libeskind for the job as his was the only entry left. suspicions were aroused when it was revealed that mr libeskind was in fact the half- sister of mayor bloomberg and larry silverstein was seen leaving the offices of libeskind in the middle of the night wearing a gimp-suit.
3w's entry was found later being used as a skateboard ramp by street punks in the bronx area of the city. the words "the real winner" were stamped all over it in red ink. this aroused the sleuthy suspicions and razor sharp instincts of this detective. when i approached a sucurity guard outside the offices of the port authority he admitted everything.
when 3W were contacted they said they regretted that they had "missed out on this opportunity". another director added "whatever".
3W said their concept for the competition lay in the feeling of loss which was so important to the site. they actually travelled forward in time to expeirince the loss of winning, but loosing the U2 tower competition in ireland. as this was a symbol of triumph yet disaster for the architects, they assumed it would be just as poingnent to the people of new york"

EL ARCHITINO has had his computer visualisation dept. re create their entry:
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