State of the Nation. . .

State of the Nation. . .

Postby garethace » Mon Sep 29, 2003 5:05 pm

With flashbacks to the Glenn Murcutt lecture in Bolton Street DIT last year, I read this very informative account of an evening lecture at Columbia University! :-)

The committee was reportedly deadlocked last spring, but the rumor mill was running free, mostly churning through the same three names--Lynn, Zaha, Libeskind; Zaha, Libeskind, Lynn--as if some privileged recitation of those five syllables might, like rubbing hands on the genie's bottle, summon an agent to deliver the school from uncertainty.

Taking pity, it would grant three wishes, one for each: a limitless supply of disposable logic for the idle generation of form (Lynn), a probe to uncloak the mysteries of taste (Zaha), and a path through geometry to the unspeakable name of God (Libeskind).

Come and sample the atmosphere, of the changing of the guard at Columbia University. Like some platonic shifting of subterranean earth masses, the tremors will be felt in Ireland I am sure.

Seems as if the winds of change in LA, are definetly changing towards, the Princes of Paper Architecture, finding ways to meet clients, overcome adversity and finally build something. Interview with a 58-year old, calmer Thom Mayne. There is after all a vast new market opening up these days in trendy culture capitals around the world for collecting Famous Architects As good design is seen as a symbol of prestige in many places, even in our very own Dublin city. Thom admits to having no less than 5 years of therapy in how to be nicer to his clients, and as a result now, has some building commissions going too, you can see on his web site. Any opinions people? Any old admirers out there? I think Thom Mayne is a tired old vet now, but he has had his ass in the grass, he is the real deal. In short he has seen the elephant and heard the owl. You are welcome to hear some more opinions about Progressive Architecture between an Irishman, an Aussie and an American here.

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