tcd and luce hall

tcd and luce hall

Postby notjim » Wed Sep 24, 2003 3:01 am

tcd are about to apply for planning pemission for a student residence between pease street and luce hall, the stw cube at a funny angle to pearse. i think this is good, luce hall has its virtues from the college side, but it bad from pearse street because of the disrespectful alignment. it would be good to have more student living in the middle of town too, they get underfoot of a thursday, true, but they spend like sailors and if there were a few more around, we might get some late night delis and a few more screens like the screen, not that they'd fit that many students between luce hall and the road. The terrace from Hopkins Uniform Shop to the firestation is going to be converted to student accomadation too, but not by the college.

now if only they'd knock down the awful building on the north east corner of the rugby pitch, industrial engineering is it? simon perry, the guy who designed it, died in 2000, i don't know what a decent interval is for something like this.
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