docklands - ifsc

docklands - ifsc

Postby Erica » Sun Mar 12, 2000 3:51 pm

Having not visited the IFSC area for some time, I was dismayed at the standard of the recent developments. The central area beyond the two docks and Stack A is full of bland brick buildings. Bland is the only descriptive term I can think off that wouldn't offend the architects involved.

It all feels so sterile, and the security men doesnt help make it feel like part of a community but more of a concentration camp.

Postby Paul Clerkin » Mon Mar 13, 2000 10:05 am

It is pretty grim ok, the new Bank of Ireland / ICS Building Society building is banal and cliched. Actually I would go further to say that is downright offensive to Dublin. The buildings along the Liffey frontage of the site are more interesting, giving the impression that the building is hiding and because it is off the beaten track, little effort was taken to be bold and imaginative.

But there is one semi-interesting building: surrounded by a bland apartment compound is an interesting wood clad round block.


Who are the architects?
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Postby trace » Mon Mar 13, 2000 2:18 pm

Anthony Reddy Associates.
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