Smithfield Public Space

Smithfield Public Space

Postby Oliver H » Fri Dec 24, 1999 12:27 am

I saw the official opening of smithfield on Tuesday night. I think that this is one of the first steps in giving our capital a modern identity (if that is what it needs). Its a great peace of modern architecture - from the paving and bollards to the masts and lighting. Well done to the hole team.
Oliver H

Postby Paul Clerkin » Fri Dec 24, 1999 11:55 am

I'll admit that I haven't visited the square yet but trhe descriptions including the masts seem very exciting. Will visit with camera next week and post the photos.
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Postby doyler » Sat Jan 01, 2000 4:46 pm

I took a pic on New Year's Eve with a Kodak DC 25, it's available
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Postby MG » Wed Jan 05, 2000 10:07 am

Having been down there recently, I think its all very nice but seems too bare and exposed now - something it never did when it was plain old Smithfield as opposed to Smithfield Civic Plaza
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Postby doyler » Fri Jan 07, 2000 1:21 am

<FONT SIZE="4" FACE="Arial">It just seemed to be monopolised by idiots
selling horses. I also think turning a disused
chimney into an observation tower seems a good

Postby TG » Fri Jan 07, 2000 9:39 am

Paul, where's the photos?

Postby Shane » Fri Jan 07, 2000 6:13 pm

Chonaic me e le na braziers ar lasadh - b'iontach ar fad e.

Try and see it when the braziers are on - it really is wonderful
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Postby Duq » Fri Jan 07, 2000 11:07 pm

HORROR!!! What happened to Smithfield???
I've worked at the Smithfield Village site for a year (won't go into that now), and yesterday happened to be around again. Disgusting!!! Somebody was wondering why it's seems so bare now as opposed to the old days? Try putting all those great trees back?
And what about those.... things? Remember NASA's recent blunder? Confusing miles and kilometers resulting in a crashed satellite? Seems someone confused their feet and meters here... those things are massive!!!
Is Dublin Corp ever gonna learn anything about ethics, history and cityplanning in general?

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Postby OliverH » Sat Jan 08, 2000 2:23 am

Hold your horses Duq. All smithfield ever was, was a glorified car park. And what great trees are you on about. I have been passing through Smithfield once or twice a week for the last 30 years and never seen any great trees. There are the ones at the south end which as it happens are still there. I think that it looks wonderful and will back Shane up it looks even better at night when everything is lit up. And about the "things" - dont you think that they give the space a sense of scale. Its quite a large plan so why not balance it with height. It works for me!!!

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