George's Quay

Postby john white » Sat Oct 02, 1999 3:03 pm

God, I wish this had been proposed on a better site. Maybe then we'd have it.

The more I look at that model the more I think we've lost a new busarus. It had a similar daring, and in it's organic looking curves I think, correct me if I'm wrong - would have been a totally new style for Ireland. I mean compare those light unexpected curves with a huge sqatty black shiny box with a point on top.

Point is though on that site - it would have been positively [dare I compliment him with bringing about a new phrase..] Stephenesque in it's arrogant and supremacist disregard for it's surroundings.

Could we get the Architects back for another go - someplace else?

john white
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Postby Rory W » Mon Oct 04, 1999 2:58 pm

Thats the trouble with this city, great buidings for the wrong site (Central Bank). John, I think you may be right there about losing out on another Busaras, no doubt they will find something nice in Brick with a clock tower to replace the planned (interesting) building!

Rory W
Rory W
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Postby John White » Mon Oct 04, 1999 5:24 pm

Oh Joy! Do you think so? With PVC Georgian Windows?

John White

Postby Shane » Mon Oct 04, 1999 5:27 pm

Ní aontaím leat a Rory. Sé an Banc Ceannanas ceann de na foirgnimh is fearr sa chathair - de mo thuairim ar aon nos. Níl fhios agam cén fath – just, go bhfuil sé chomh direach as an ngnáth san ait sin go reitíonn sé liom. Seafoid, ‘tá fhios agam !

Rory - for me anyway somehow the Central Bank works. I actually like it and like it more for where it is. I'm not sure why but it's always appealed to me. Maybe it's because I've grown up looking at it. Perhaps if they tried to build it now I'd be ripping into them on this disc.board.
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Postby Jas » Mon Oct 04, 1999 5:47 pm

I agree with Shane - the Central Bank works because its so strong - creats such a strong horizontal emphasis with the bold stripes of stone and glazing. For the record, one of the best architectural photos I ever saw was of the Central Bank with half demolished Temple Bar buildings in the foreground.
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Postby fiachra » Tue Oct 05, 1999 9:51 am

great building, wrong site. What does this mean. Good architecture is, amongst other things, about working within the site restraints and harnessing the positive.

Postby Sarah S » Thu Dec 23, 1999 12:44 am

I think that this should be built, but not at that site. It's a lovely building, and about bloody time that Dublin got a tall building of any description (apart from Ballymun and that disgraceful heap of s*** that they call Liberty hall) It seems that you Dubs are very unwilling to build upwards - or perhaps it's an bord pleanala's fault. I don't think that it's the Architect's anyway, most of them just lack a bit of imagination.
I can imagine the public's reaction to a large Deconstructivist development instead of the proposed!

Ideas, anyone?
Sarah S


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