higher and higher

higher and higher

Postby Jas » Sun Mar 07, 1999 3:38 pm

Dublin is scaling up..... after the spike and the SOM project on Georges Quay ... now we have the convention centre by Kevin Roche.

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Postby Charlie » Sun Mar 07, 1999 3:39 pm

I think is sounds like a pretty exciting development - it should enhance the docks as much as the Waterfront Hall enhanced Belfast, (or more so - given its importance).

Does anyone know, by the way, whether the appeals to the SOM George's Quay revised plan are likely to be upheld or quashed by An Bord Pleanála?

Quashed I hope. Granted the height is a bit dodgey given its proximity to the main cultural centre, but I don't think a project of this quality should be rejected. After all, they have reduced the tower by 20m to 80m, which brings its scale down significantly.

Anything would be better than the vacant lot that is there currently.
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Postby John White » Sun Mar 07, 1999 3:40 pm

That building looks bizarre! Is the front part falling over? Is that how they reduced the height?

Very unusual indeed. I must say there's a lot of fascinating development going on at present.

A friend of mine thinks the spike project is a disgrace - because of the waste of money. Especially considering the terrible poverty just a street away from it. Trouble is - there was vitriolic opposition to Eiffel's tower too; and from prominent artistic / literary figures!

Creative projects can problematic sometimes.

John White

Postby JP » Mon Mar 15, 1999 12:56 am

Walked around the relevant areas to this discussion the other day. Was struck by the sheer sense of Ghost-town about the place. I honestly don't think that putting up huge buildings can detract from this but should be very successful in generating a series of wind tunnels reinforced by the absenses of any community. I refer specifically to the Charlotte Quay developments outwards.But hey, think of all the money and jobs 'created'.....

Postby Jas » Mon Mar 15, 1999 2:14 pm

It could be important for our film industry.... look at the London Docklands - wwhenever TV of Film requires a streetscape of modern block with no people - they film it there......
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Postby jenny » Wed Mar 24, 1999 1:25 am

But this wa our chance to have an inventice building to mark Dublin architecturally. Forget the film industry. We should be lobbying for a new Opera House, a new Concert Hall. Think Sydney, guys.

Postby Duq » Sat Sep 11, 1999 12:00 am

Forget the film industry? No way!! Forget about 'architects' wanting to build proposterous shoeboxes with a million parking spaces and no public transport...
Stop planning high-risers in Dublin center. Yes, be modern. But start learning from blunders elsewhere in Europe. Take a look at the 'riverscape' of the Maas in Rotterdam to see where Dublin is heading. Dublin is one of my favorite cities in Europe, and one of the reasons is the human scale of the city. Like Amsterdam, there are no high buildings in town. (Consider Liberty hall a mistake). Keep it like that. And if you feel you really have to build 'modern' shoeboxes, keep them a minimum of ten miles away from the river......

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Postby miles » Mon Dec 20, 1999 3:51 pm

brick block
I'm quite partial to the vacant lots around the Customs House and North Wall quay actually. I like the ghost town feel of the grand canal docks too. I think the whole area should be left the way it is but...
The old warehouses and anything else of note have been listed. I've gone over the DDDA's plans for the rejuvination of the area and I suppose it can only be a good thing. I'm not so sure about all these brick apartment blocks with clock towers springing up on the canal side though.
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Postby john white » Mon Dec 20, 1999 7:22 pm

The Wharehouses ARE listed? Thank God, I thought they'd be expendable in the face of this Celtic Tiger tripe. Let's hope the Victorian Chimneys are safe too.

Easy to 'accidentally' destabilize though...

john white
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