Sunlight Chambers

Sunlight Chambers

Postby Jas » Thu Nov 04, 1999 12:55 pm

Looks well after the cleanup:

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Postby john white » Thu Nov 04, 1999 5:46 pm

About time. Bravo!

I had expected it to be demolished for years.
Aaahh, brings me back to Florence every time I see it. Those 'Della Robbia' inspired Ceramic reliefs are gorgeous. If you like them too - you can see more like it in the National Museum around the doorways AND there's a a huge reproduction of a Della Robbia [only in painted plaster I think] upstairs at one end near the Egypt exhibit. How they got THAT back from Italy? Who knows!

ALSO: In Collins Barracks there a florentine Bust of a young girl which is very Della Robbia in style [not ceramic though]. Funnily enough it's dated very late. There's 2 similar/replicas in The V&A in London dated earlier as I suspected,nearer mid 1500's.

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Postby Ali » Sun Dec 05, 1999 1:34 am

As a lover of that dirty building for years, I must say it has scrubbed up nicely. Perhaps it is a bit too clean! Even so I guess with the amount of traffic passing by that won't be for long. The buildings in Trinity were cleaned in the last decade and have accumulated a nice crust of dirt since...Does anyone know of any pictures in it's original newly built state? Was the building that colour originally? If only someone would push for restoring the glorious facades above the neon in Westmoreland Street. They represent a gorgeous microcosm of european styles and are ignored....pity really!
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Postby MG » Sun Dec 05, 1999 2:15 pm

It was white originally which provided a great contrast with the red roof, but it was considered impractical to paint it white with the traffic....
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Postby Jude » Mon Dec 20, 1999 1:33 am

While the sunlight chambers looks wonderful on the outside with its new face lift.
The inside could really do with a new look
Has anyone seen inside it lately? If you thought that the outside was bad, check out inside.

They have a beautiful mosaic tiled floor when you walk in, but somewhere along the way somebody covered it up with a wooden floor.

So there must be a new interior bursting to show itself to all, if only given the chance
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