Our Boys

Our Boys

Postby Shane » Wed Nov 24, 1999 6:38 pm

Luíodh san Irish Times inniu...

"Dublin Corporation has initiated proceedings against a jewelery retailer after the shop front of a listed building...was removed without permission"

'Our Boys' ar sráid Chill Mhaintáin i gceist anseo agus nach trua go bhfaca mé iad ag scriosadh an fhoirgnimh !

To think I actualy passed the shop while this destruction was underway. Is this the same as turning your back on a daylight street-mugging ?
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Postby John White » Wed Nov 24, 1999 6:47 pm

Oh crap.

Where is this shopfront now? In a skip?
I gather it can be restored.

John White

Postby Paul Clerkin » Wed Nov 24, 1999 6:50 pm

Wicklow Street? a lovely front as I remember it... may even have a photograph somewhere...
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Paul Clerkin
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Postby dc3 » Thu Nov 25, 1999 11:08 pm

Doubtless the Corpo will act with the same speed as in the Archers Garage case.
(Was it not Brendan Behan that had the joke about the first anniversary of the hole.)
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