Bank of Ireland: Aras an Oireachtas?

Bank of Ireland: Aras an Oireachtas?

Postby bohemian84 » Tue Jun 15, 1999 10:52 pm

Why doesn't the government buy back the Bank of Ireland? It's the world's first purpose-built parliament building in the world, why not have a parliament in it? It's much more impressive than Leinster House and has a better location. Give Leinster House to the National Museum or something. The BoI is absolutely beautiful, why leave it to a corporation. Give it to the Dail. Anyhow, that's my opinion.

Postby owen » Mon Jun 21, 1999 6:12 pm

There is apparently a legal requirement that it can't be used as a perliament again.
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Postby Cian » Mon Jun 21, 1999 8:49 pm

The BoI would be unsuitable as a modern ent because it is actually quite small inside. Its grandiose exterior belies a relatively small interior. Anyway the old House of Lords / Commons rooms are beautiful, but far too confined.

Remember the Leinster House complex includes many auxiliary offices and has a link to the adjacent Government Buildings. Besides, all the main Governmental offices are around the Kildare St - Merrion St area, so I don't see the Oireachtas wishing to relocate.

I do agree though that it seems a shame that one of the finest buildings in the city belongs to a commercial bank.

Postby Cian » Mon Jun 21, 1999 8:51 pm

ent = parliament!!

Postby J Lobb » Wed Jun 23, 1999 6:23 pm

Thanks a million big fellas!
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Postby TG » Sun Nov 21, 1999 6:12 pm

This idea seems to have died without trace....

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