Why go bald?

Why go bald?

Postby DG » Tue Aug 31, 1999 8:30 am

Attached to a wall in Dame Lane, just off Dublin's South Great George's Street, is a man's head and neck. He has been there for almost 40 years. His happiness depends on he state of his scalp: when he sports a full head of hair, he beams. When he is bald, his smile is replaced by a frown. His emotions and hairiness change every few seconds: smile, frown; smile, frown. Shaped by glass tubes, filled with neon gas and dependent on a complicated system of transformers, timers and electric wires, his glowing face has endeared him to Dubliners for years.

In short, a large part of the sign needs to be remade - a painstaking operation, and, at a cost of £5,000, prohibitively expensive for the management of the clinic. Missing the luminous sight of the Why go Bald man and his ever-changing moods, members of the Twentieth Century Trust (an organisation dedicated to saving modern Irish heritage) approached the director of the Universal Clinic, Ann Goldsmith, to plead for the sign's life. The great show of affection for the sign, as with the response to the demolition of Archer's Garage, emphasises that "heritage" has a far broader meaning than might be presumed.


Postby iod » Tue Aug 31, 1999 8:01 pm

whats this about?

Postby TD » Sat Nov 13, 1999 1:26 pm

I see that the sign has been put back and fully restored.....

Postby 20th century trust » Tue Nov 16, 1999 3:08 pm

The official unveiling of the sign is this Thursday evening.
20th century trust

Postby Paul Clerkin » Wed Nov 17, 1999 9:35 am

It looks great, I saw it last night on my way home..... brilliantly illuminated....

I see that the signage for the old Douglas shop on Camden Street [where Eddie Rockets is now] has been removed in the last few weeks and relaced with a 7Up billboard. The signage was cool xhrome lettering with neon inserts and site on the gable of a setback on the building.
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