Postby TD » Sat Nov 13, 1999 1:49 pm

I see that the RIAI Tv show is due soon but they're only covering the twenthieth century which is kind of sad. They have a website for it sponsered by the ESB with no content whatsoever and a fecky discussion board thats a pain to use.

Will Archeire be getting any promotion from the TV show? I ask because whenever I tell people about this site, many are unaware of it and then start raving about it to me afterwards.

Postby MG » Sat Nov 13, 1999 3:51 pm

Hmmm can't really see this site getting any free PR from the RIAI. It seems from a conversation I had in a bar one night with an architect that the RIAI has a problem with their member's work being dissed on these boards :-)
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Postby Jas » Mon Nov 15, 1999 11:16 am

I love this

"Its real purpose is to encourage Irish people, of all ages and from all backgrounds, to take ownership of their built environments."

The RIAI would have a baby if the people were in control. Architects like to talk down to the people and push their own opinions onto any debate - the "we know best" argument.

Afterall isnt this forum about taking back the built environment from the realms of academic architectural discussion.
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Postby ood » Tue Nov 16, 1999 3:02 pm

What 'academic architectural discussion'?

Postby Mrs. M. J. Lister » Tue Nov 16, 1999 6:18 pm

>>>Afterall isnt this forum about taking >>>>back the built environment from the >>>>realms of private speculative devlopment.

thats more like it.
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Postby Paul Clerkin » Tue Nov 16, 1999 7:07 pm

Personally i reckon ordinary people [as in Joe and Josephine Soap] should be able to talk about architecture and what they like without fear of being sneered at by the more theoretically minded of the architectural set......

As a non architect myself, I always feel on dodgy ground when speaking to architects about buildings and architectural history.
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Postby ood » Tue Nov 16, 1999 7:49 pm

Of course architecture shouldn't be the preserve of specialists.

But on the other hand one of the problems in this country has been that the specialists aren't specialised enough. Dublin city is littered with enough evidence left by architects who could do with knowing a bit more about architecture.

As well as getting wider, the debate in this country has to get a good bit deeper.

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