retro shopfronts

retro shopfronts

Postby Paul Clerkin » Mon Nov 15, 1999 10:28 am

I'm not a fan of the "ye olde wooden shopfront" but I'm noticing an increase in 1930 / 50s style shopfronts. The latest in Dublin is the Regent Barbers in Temple Bar. It looks very well being faced with the yellow glass laminate but the signage is all wrong. The lettering is serifed whereby the obvious typeface is Gill Sans.... a pity

But when I'm on the subject - "ye olde wooden shopfronts" are everywhere in the country towns ruining the streetscapes as theyre painted the wrong colours, are way too heavy looking in construction and generally lack individuality. Some towns such as Ardee in Louth have some amazing originals side by side with horrific new versions. Carrickmacross in Monaghan is just one fake after another.
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Postby john white » Mon Nov 15, 1999 7:44 pm

I agree Paul. Shopfronts are probably the most endangered of all structures. Remember the Black & Chrome draper's in Monaghan town?

There was a nice Black & Chrome place opposite Blackrock Clinic - was: It's been destroyed.

Anybody here ever seen 'Hick' Butcher Shop in DunLaoghaire? Marvellous! From the terrazzo style conglomerate wall tiles to the great logo over the window. I hope they don't wreck it in favour of the 'Plywood and MDF old style'.

Yep, I suppose I should plug my nostrils, go in and compliment them on a fine looking shop [ignoring all the dead things in the window] and tell them to look after it.

Just in case they don't know themselves.

Like a local shop? Go in and tell them.

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