City Morgue

City Morgue

Postby Snag » Tue Aug 31, 1999 10:11 pm

The functions of Dublin city morgue (Store Street)are to be taken over by a new centre: Archeire contributors, the old morgue (1901) really really should be preserved in some way. What do you think?

A medical museum would be cool.

Postby MG » Wed Sep 01, 1999 8:23 am

Its actually a fine little building only recently restored and a medical museum would be a good idea. No doubt it will be sold to the highest bidder and become a soul-less theme pub for the Gordon Geckos of the IFSC.
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Postby Jas » Wed Sep 01, 1999 8:42 am

Actually the morgue is the small building behind the Coroners Court which is probably the fine little building you're thinking of. From The Irish Times:

The old City Morgue was designed by the then City Architect, Charles J. McCarthy, in 1901. Mr McCarthy went on a fact-finding tour of English coroners' courts with the chairman of the Corporation Finance Committee, Councillor Joseph Nanetti, who is mentioned in Ulysses.

The morgue was built on the site of the old Custom House flour mills. It cost £4,504. The building it replaced became part of the original Abbey Theatre.

The morgue has been featured in a number of novels. Patricia Cornwell, who visited it to research her novel Unnatural Exposure, describes some of the fittings as being suitable for a "medical museum". It also features in Paul Carson's novel Scalpel.
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Postby Nollag Connaghan » Fri Oct 29, 1999 6:34 am

Bulldoze it and make room for a High rise office building.
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