Bluffer's Guide to Architecture

Bluffer's Guide to Architecture

Postby Jas » Thu Oct 21, 1999 2:55 pm

Just out of interest on a lighter note:

If you had to give someone enough information on architecture to bluff their way through a social gathering of architects or architecture junkies, what would you recommend they read?
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Postby joyce » Thu Oct 21, 1999 4:00 pm

The vocabulary is the key
here is a brief glossary in no particular order maybe others can add their favourites!

space = room
powerful = big
monumental = vey big
trasnparent = use of glass but not realy transparent
sensitive = slavishly aping surrounding buildings (also see vernacular!)
sculpted volumes = funny shaped room
penthouse storey = an extra storey

Postby trace » Wed Oct 27, 1999 4:39 pm is good for a laugh.
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