Officially Endorsed Irish Graphic Design

Officially Endorsed Irish Graphic Design

Postby MG » Sun Aug 01, 1999 3:33 pm

Just after looking at the Expo2000 graphic identity and the Irish "Milennium" logo. After years of watching Irish logs for various Eurovisions, European Presidencies etc.... they are all so similar - if there's an option for a celtic spiral it's included, a harp is considered almost mandatory. What's going on with our graphic designers?
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Postby Sian » Mon Aug 16, 1999 7:53 am

The Millenium Logo is such a load of b****x it's scary - basically a 2000 with celtic spirals....

Postby McQuillan, James » Fri Sep 10, 1999 12:39 pm

For those who do not live in Ireland (this is the WWW) could we have an example of this logo? Why can't 'designers' exploit their skills and training by providing a visual aid?

And what's wrong with the harp? Ireland is the only country in the world with a musical instrument as a symbol, and I defy an army of 'designers' to come up with a substitute symbol of equivalent power! And it doesn't have to be green, the usual connotation of the shamrock!

Of course there is no end to invention, and I am not arguing for harps on every occasion! I do agree with the tiredness associated with spirals, which is so closely acssociated with archaeology in Ireland itself, and is probably meaningless to foreigners.

But don't kick out the harp!

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Postby Shane » Tue Oct 19, 1999 12:27 pm

Faraor - leis an gComóradh Ceoil MTV I mBleá Cliath i mbiana, goidé a shileann sibh gur roghnaigh siad mar iomha don show ? Spirals go leor - agus typeface gíota runic nó rud.

I'm sure you've seen it MTV have used the dreaded 'spiral' as one of their images for the Music Awards to be hosted in Dublin next month.
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