Structural quality timber supplier on-line?

Structural quality timber supplier on-line?

Postby Moleskin » Tue Sep 14, 1999 8:33 pm

Does anybody know of a good supplier of structural quality timber (load bearing) preferably with an on-line presence
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Postby Moranb » Sat Sep 18, 1999 4:23 pm


Go to, register and go to the products and company search section, open joinery and woodwork and there is a lsit of six suppliers. Contact details are there.

None of these are on-lin yet although we are trying to convince them that people like you would like them to be. Believe it or not many industry folk do not understand what the internet is all about. If you do talk to any of them mention your fustration at thier lack of on line presence.

At we are about to launch a massive effort to get as many as possibel of all suppliers in the Irish market on line. Look out for us at the Building Expo, Plan Expo and in industry press.

Please let us know what you think of the site and if there are any other features we can add. Finally be patient while we build up the number of online product suppliers.


Brian Moran

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