The Traumas of City Consciousness

The Traumas of City Consciousness

Postby Jung » Wed Sep 15, 1999 4:58 pm

The reflective and general exploration of the question of how industrial and social developments(modernization). led to key changes in the experience of those who lived in 19th century cities(modernity) with significant consequences for the growth of new kinds of art and culture(modernism). The shift to urban modernism in art is conventionally assumed to have taken place in the early 20th century, but the developments of the Victorian novel, of various kinds of 19th century painting and such illustrated city guides as Gustave Dore's perhaps have an equal claim to the designation 'modernist'.
The questions are:
1. What are the differences between rural and urban experience in the industrial age and the art which reflects it??(Examples: London, Dublin, Vienna and Paris)
2. How do architectural drawings of Dublin obscure the life that went on around its buildings??

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