Just out of interest.

Just out of interest.

Postby TG » Tue Sep 07, 1999 9:09 am

This site seems to do a reasonable amount of traffic, the boards are fairly busy and it's updated regularly. Why? As in why is this site being built and maintained? I cannot see a revenue model for it and there is very little advertising.

Postby john white » Tue Sep 07, 1999 9:52 am

Why not?

God, what depresses me about the web is that it's been taken over by capitalists. It used to be fun - now it's just a vehicle for eCommerce.

I think the most useful stuff on the web now is in the form of user forums and discussion boards.

But then - I'm a bit of an old fart.

I know you're just posing the question though.

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Postby Paul Clerkin » Tue Sep 07, 1999 12:13 pm

There isn't a revenue model for this as the site wasnt exactly planned - more just happened. Any advertisements on the sites are for our inhouse projects of our web development house. So there's no income whatsoever from the site which is a pity as some sort of financial reward would help fund it. If however someone wished to advertise, we'd be willing to listen.

In an ideal world, a company with nice deep pockets would come along and sponsor the site allowing us to pay someone to do a lot more grunt work - as it is about 20-25 hours a week goes into maintaining the site and thats not including new areas being developed. Because the site requires more or less daily updating, it gets hard to even go away for a weekend.
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Postby dstc47 » Tue Sep 07, 1999 8:33 pm

Nice to see some very high quality work done without an immediate commercial payback. A nice site, one of the best designed I have seen.

Let me use an old fashioned word here, thanks.

Postby RoryW » Wed Sep 08, 1999 3:42 pm

Just luck at the Irish Independent website for crass advertising, flashing away, distracting you from reading the articles. If Archeire turns into that.... well I for one would be disappointed. Well done Paul and everyone else involved, keep the good work up.

Its nice to see people doing something out of interest for the subject, rather than commercial gain. If a few developers took those words to heart then Dublin wouldn't have so many Lego buildings.

Rory W

Postby Paul Clerkin » Thu Sep 09, 1999 9:30 am

One thing to remember folks is that by keeping the boards going and making them a lively place for debate etc also encourages others to post. So in short you, the regular posters are helping make the site a success.

One thing I would like is for the boards to become less "dublin-o-centric" - perhaps a few people based down the country would like to comment on whats happening architecturally in their locality.

Afterall Dublin is not Ireland.
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Postby McQuillan, James » Thu Sep 09, 1999 3:38 pm

Well said, Paul!

Many of the comments in the Forum come from typical Dublin - and other - begrudgers, who display an ignorance of anywhere except the Liffey-side. Nothing wrong in that, but we live not in the 13th century, but when everyone is expected to know more - otherwise shut up!

I speak as an exile, so forgive the bitterness.

James McQuillan
Archt. & Historian. (also a qualified NON-BEGRUDGER).
McQuillan, James

Postby TG » Tue Sep 14, 1999 9:02 am

Yopu know what I like most about this site is the lack of bullshit posts on these boards. Most sites has spam posts, blatant advertisements and people calling each other names..... keep it up and may the good intelligent conversation continue

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