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I’ll concede that the DCC isn’t the ultimate in design, but that’s not the point here. I like a number of it’s qualities, regardless of whether or not they’re cutting edge. I personally appreciate size being as a pure factor, so the DCC building would actually appeal to me more than a smaller but “smarter” building.

If you’re going to get your goats got over buildings in dublin being stuck in the past, then your goats are already as got as they can get. This place is screwed, and every time I visit London I have this belief firmly hammered home again (tough: I like London for all it’s screw ups – at least it’s got the balls to try). I picked a building that appealed to me, and although I understand that it’s not “super-duper”, I feel it’s still quite a worthy building for the reasons I mentioned above.

that make sense???


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