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yeah….undoubtedly it’s far from the worst building in town – but top 10 it ain’t!
It hardly compares to our cities two other great liffey fronting buildings, namely the customs house and the four courts.
And frankly it is so glaringly an stw building and their, shall we say ‘consistent’ design approach (ie. isn’t it really just an enlarged version of their many other modular set-out granite and glass buildings) just gets my goat. They may be historically the leading firm in Ireland but they are and were loathe to lead in our profession today, and wasted a great opportunity at the DCC on behalf all architects in Ireland to showcase our professions talents.
So generalisations aplenty there…but do you get my point – the DCC is a monument to the QS and not the people of this city who actually paid for it and deserved better!
On a lighter note, (and so I can contribute more positively to the original question) I nominate the wooden building, it’s creche and green jungle courtyard as a shoe-in for my top 10.

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