1996 – Architecture Dublin
1997 – becomes Archeire.com
1999 – becomes Irish-architecture.com
2004 – becomes Archiseek.com

What is Archiseek?
Archiseek.com was originally Archeire.com and was started in 1997 (after an earlier small site on Dublin) and the site has continuously grown from there. The site is aimed at both the general public and the architecture community. “I want to encourage the average person to enter into the architectural debate, not to be afraid of architecture-speak and terminology. Your view is as valid as the head of any architecture body.”

Archiseek has won many awards for its content and community, including two Golden Spiders (the Oscars of the Irish Internet world): one in 1997 for Best Non-Commercial site; and one in 2000 for Best Online Community / Special Interest. It has also been a runner up in 1998. In addition to the two Golden Spiders, Archeire has been singled out by many newspapers and journals over the years including Architectural Review, AJ, The Irish Times, the BBC, the New York Times, The Guardian, and Yahoo.com as a Site of the Week. Archiseek.com is often quoted by newspapers and magazines on issues related to Irish architecture.

What does it cover?
Ireland, since 1997, so Archiseek.com has a wealth of information on Irish architecture. We also have substantial sections on the UK and Canada. We have smaller areas on France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the USA. But we are an Irish website primarily aimed at an Irish audience but seek to keep up to date with architecture around the world.

How can I support Archiseek
Running archiseek.com is a day-to-day affair. The sites needs constant updating and maintainence. Hosting costs! And we have no external funding. Supporting our effort does not cost!